Alternative Water Source Program

The program consists of the planning, design and construction of a new Lake Michigan water source for the City of Joliet by 2030.  

 Water will be purchased from the City of Chicago at the Southwest Pumping Station site and pumping facilities and transmission mains will be constructed to bring finished water to the City of Joliet for distribution throughout the existing system. The conceptual implementation costs for the program range from $600 - $800 million depending upon capacity, not including purchased water costs.

Benefits of implementing this new water source program for the City of Joliet include: 

  • High Quality Water Source from Lake Michigan that will eliminate the need for water home softeners and purchase of bottled water. 

  • Collaboration with the City of Chicago to provide finished water to Joliet and potentially the region via an established water supply that has provided water to millions of customers in northeastern Illinois for over 100 years. 

  • Sustainable water quantity to serve Joliet and potentially the region now and in the future. 

  • A guaranteed fair and equitable purchased water cost based on an established American Water Works Association cost of service methodology for which Joliet only pays for the cost to operate and maintain facilities used to provide water to Joliet. 

  • Opportunity to have input on City of Chicago water service to Joliet and rate setting via an Advisory Council established by Chicago consisting of representatives of its wholesale customers. 

  • Ability to complete improvements and bring new water source online by 2030.