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Did you know our water source is being depleted?

The City of Joliet draws its groundwater supply from 21 deep wells and 5 shallow wells located throughout the City.  Alternative water supplies for the region have been studied since the 1960s. A 2015 study completed by the Illinois State Water Survey (ISWS) of the sandstone aquifers in Northeastern Illinois identified decreased groundwater levels. Based on updated modeling completed in 2018 the aquifer supplying Joliet’s wells could be depleted by 2030. Therefore, the City urgently needs to begin preparations for an alternative water supply. 


Along with the urgent need to identify an alternative water source comes the possibility for opportunity. As the third most populous city in northeast Illinois, Joliet has the ability to lead the way in sustainable water sourcing throughout the region. It is the combination of urgency, innovation, and opportunity that places our city on the precipice of meaningful change.

The City of Joliet Department of Public Utilities is the largest entity in the State of Illinois that provides all four key water and wastewater services: wastewater collection, wastewater treatment, water treatment and water distribution. Learn more about these services here.

Construction of new water supply infrastructure for the is anticipated to begin in 2024. Check back here for more information in the future.

Public Outreach

A key planning tool for the Joliet Alternative Water Source Program is a public outreach program to facilitate communications between the City, the public, businesses, other municipalities, Will County, and other stakeholders. A Public Relations Plan has been developed and serves as a blueprint for defining the outreach tools and methods that will be used throughout the Program to educate and engage stakeholders. 


Public involvement will be an ongoing process from program initiation through completion of construction of a new water source. Various outreach methods will be utilized throughout the process to provide involvement opportunities to all stakeholders. Rethink Water Joliet representatives will be at local events and festivals to provide Program updates and information on water conservation.

Check back here often for the latest news!

View the calendar for upcoming events and sign-up to receive updates.

The public has had and will continue to have the opportunity to get involved in this Program through participation at City Council workshops, stakeholder meetings, and public forums. Information on these events will be posted here as well as on the our Calendar/Events page.

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