Did you know our water

source is being depleted?

The City of Joliet draws its groundwater supply from 21 deep wells and 5 shallow wells located throughout the City.  Alternative water supplies for the region have been studied since the 1960s.  A 2015 study completed by the Illinois State Water Survey (ISWS) of the sandstone aquifers in Northeastern Illinois identified decreased groundwater levels. Based on updated modeling completed in 2018 the aquifer supplying Joliet’s wells could be depleted by 2030. Therefore, the City urgently needs to begin preparations for an alternative water supply. 


Along with the urgent need to identify an alternative water source comes the possibility for opportunity. As the third most populous city in northeast Illinois, Joliet has the ability to lead the way in sustainable water sourcing throughout the region. It is the combination of urgency, innovation, and opportunity that places our city on the precipice of meaningful change.