Phase I: 

August 2018 – January 2019 – COMPLETE!


  • Stakeholder Engagement and Strategic Planning

  • Water Demand Projections, Groundwater Model Updates, Water Conservation Efforts and Short Term Emergency Planning

  • Evaluation of 14 alternative water source options

  • Identification of viable alternatives primarily based on quantity and quality 


Phase II:  February – December 2019

  • Stakeholder Engagement and Strategic Planning

  • Detailed analysis of 5 selected options (alternatives) identified in Phase I

  • Identification of improvements for each viable alternative and their associated cost

  • Refinement and prioritization of Phase II criteria (control, governance, maintenance, redundancy and risk to schedule)

  • Funding Strategies

  • Selection of alternative water source at completion

  • Draft Report

  • Final Report


Next Steps:

  • Discuss regional solution with neighboring communities

  • Proceed with preliminary design of selected alternative water source

  • New Alternative Water Source online by 2030

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